Stone Advice


Natural Stone Care & Maintenance

Daily Stone Cleaning:

Only use cleaners specifically designed for cleaning stone.

Routine Care:

To insure your natural stone products will provide you with a lifetime of aesthetics and utility, a proper maintenance program is crucial. Natural Stone products are porous by nature and require a different maintenance program than traditional ceramic tile. Many of the cleaners acceptable for use on ceramic tile can stain, damage or dull stone. Dirt and dust will scratch the surface of stone. Therefore, stone floors should be vacuumed or dust mopped frequently to remove abrasive agents from the stone surface. Natural stone should be cleaned with neutral cleaners. Stone cleaners should never contain acid or bleach. Acids, even a light solution of vinegar and water, will etch and eventually damage natural stone. It is important to re-seal all stone surfaces periodically and we would advise that your surfaces are checked on an annual basis.

General Care:

Stone cleaners must not contain acids, they must be concentrated neutral pH cleaners to not affect existing sealers or wax-type coatings. The surface of the stone should be dampened with clear water. This will keep the cleaning solution on the surface so it can be more effective.

A solution of the cleaner and water mixed to manufacturer instructions should be applied to the stone surface with a sponge or mop. On walls, kitchen counters or vanity tops, a spray bottle can be used to apply the cleaning solution. Allow sitting for manufacturers specified amount of time (usually 3 to 5 minutes). Agitate with a sponge, synthetic mop, soft bristle brush or using a floor-scrubbing machine. Clean up dirty solution and buff dry.


At Devon Stone, we have researched and tested all the main products and strongly recommend the use of Lantania products. For this category of cleaning (daily cleaner) our preferred product is Lantania Detertwins.


Neutral detergent suitable for daily cleaning of any type of stone surface such as marble, granite, limestone etc.

DETERTWINS gently cleans leaving a pleasant, long lasting perfume. There’s no need to rinse.

USE: Dilute one capful of DETERTWINS in 4-5 litres of water. In case of tough dirt, increase the concentration until the use of pure DETERTWINS. NO NEED TO RINSE.

COVERAGE: According to the dilution

CONTENT: Less than 5% ionic and non-ionic surfactants (EEC standard 89/542). Over 90% biodegradable (Art. 2 and 4 of Italian Decree n° 136 dated 26.04.83).

Heavy-Duty Stone Cleaning:

When areas have been neglected or require deeper cleaning, you will need to use a heavy-duty non-hazardous and non-polluting stone cleaner and degreaser to effectively remove dirt, grease, grime, waxes and floor finishes.

Cleaning Natural Stone

General Care: 

An optimal heavy-duty cleaner should contain low percentages of volatile organic compounds. These cleaning products are concentrated and designed to deep clean the stone without damaging it. Apply the solution of the cleaner and water mixed to manufacturer instructions to the stone surface with a sponge or mop. Allow setting for manufacturer-specified amount of time. Agitate with a sponge, synthetic mop, and soft bristle brush or using a floor-scrubbing machine. Mop up dirty solution and buff dry. Be sure to change out the cleaning solution every 10 square metres to avoid reintroducing dirty water during the cleaning process. Rinse thoroughly with clean water when finished.

Our recommended product for this category of cleaning is Lantania PAL 4. Please note that re-sealing of areas is strongly recommended following a heavy duty clean (see section on Sealing Stone).



CHARACTERISTICS: Alkaline detergent specifically developed for the removal of organic dirt.

USE: Dilute according to the dirt to be removed. Apply the diluted product on the surface rubbing with energy or using a brushing machine. Rinse carefully with clean water. If necessary, repeat operation.

DILUTIONS: 5% of PAL 4 in water for light dirt. From 20% to 30% of PAL 4 in water for dirty surfaces. From 30% of PAL 4 in water until pure PAL 4 for tough dirt.

COVERAGE: According to the dilution.

WARNING: Protect surrounding areas. Eyes and skin irritating. Harmful if swallowed. In case of contact, wash with plenty of water. Keep far from the reach of children. In case of ingestion, call a doctor and show the label. Do not pour down drains. Wear suitable protective gloves, glasses and apron during use.

Stain Removal (General):

Stone poultice will remove stains and grout haze from stone. Poultice is a fine, nonacidic, absorptive clay cleaning powder that removes deep-set oil stains, grease and light cementitious grout haze from polished and unpolished natural stone. We strongly recommend that this process only be carried out by a stone professional – please call Devon Stone on 01392 879767 for advice as specific stains will require specific chemical and cleaning processes.

CAUTION: Poultice may dull the shine of the polished stone. If this occurs you will need to use a marble polish to restore the natural shine.


If a marble finish has become dull, scratched or etched, you can restore the natural shine using a marble polish. The process can be enhanced with the use of floor buffing machines or by re-crystallising the marble to remove fine scratches and restore the original shine and polish to the stone. Should your surface require restoration, we strongly recommend that you contact us in the first instance to survey and recommend the most appropriate solution.

Sealing of Stone

Periodically your stone will require re-sealing. The time period between re-sealing your stone will vary depending on the type of use and your stone cleaner. In general, we would recommend that you re-seal your stone on an annual basis and certainly after any deep clean of your stone. Devon Stone’s recommended stone sealant is Lantania Twins TW.

Due to the chemical nature of stone sealants, we strongly recommend that the sealing process be carried out by a stone professional.



CHARACTERISTICS: Anti-stain treatment for surfaces of polished marble, granite and stoneware. TWINS. TW is an excellent water and oil repellent. Solvent-based product.

USE: On a clean and dry surface evenly apply one coat of TWINS.TW performing circular movements, using a cloth. Once completely dry remove the eventual excess using a pad or a cloth. On very absorbent surfaces we recommend applying a second coat.

NOTES: TWINS.TW is an excellent water & oil repellent but does not protect from acid attacks (lemon, coke, wine, etc..). Surfaces treated with TWINS.TW are laboratory certified as suitable for food contact.

UPKEEP: Keep treated surfaces using a good neutral detergent (DETERTWINS). Avoid the use of aggressive and/or concentrated products.

COVERAGE: 10-15 square meters for stone surfaces depending on porosity.

HAZARD: Flammable. Keep far from heating sources. Keep container well sealed. Ensure proper ambient ventilation during use. Exposure may cause skin dryness. Harmful if swallowed. Eyes irritating. Wear suitable protective clothes. Keep far from the reach of children. Do not pour down drains. If swallowed, call a doctor.