Devon Stone is proud to partner with Beltrami, one of Europe’s leading and largest wholesalers of quality natural stone. Established in 1986 and based in Belgium, Beltrami works directly with quarries to source premium natural stone from around the world.

Customers buying Beltrami tiles can be confident they are investing in a sustainably sourced product. As a family owned and run company, Beltrami has a strong focus on ethical sourcing and sustainability.

With over 30 years in an industry that has seen radical changes, they understand that the extraction, production and transport of stone comes with ethical and ecological challenges. As a result, Beltrami is at the forefront of driving innovation in sustainability within the natural stone sector. They carefully manage their supply chain from end to end, and partner with suppliers to minimise impact and improve conditions within the industry.

They aim to produce as much high-quality stone as possible from the same blocks or layers, and ensure they hold enough stock for a customer’s project in order that they can supply from the same, homogeneous batch.

In 2017, Beltrami opened its own sawing and finishing centre to reduce lead times for fulfilment of bespoke projects in Europe and to extend their offering of unique surface finishes. They now offer an unparalleled range of stones, sizes and finishes to their stockists.

From black quartz to creamy marble, grey granite to honeyed limestone, explore Devon Stone’s collection of Beltrami natural stone tiles.

View the Beltrami collection or speak to one of our consultants to request a quote.

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